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When Machines Dream

Digital album  by Walter Fini  

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Like a gift from the cosmos itself comes the surprise release, 'When Machines Dream' from electronic virtuoso, Walter Fini... and just in time for Christmas. This NEW release is a fine collection of tracks composed by Walter over the past 6 months including a stunning oldie from 2014, Angel in a Cage.

When Machines Dream is the next chapter in the transhuman saga & the quest towards the singularity. The merging of humans and machines, when the differences between us dissolve and we become something greater than the sum of our parts. This story follows our expansion into the greater universe and the need to find new worlds so we may expand and survive. When Machines Dream is a musical adventure, sometimes psychedelic, always dreamlike, with a vintage touch as a tribute to the electronic music of the 70s and 80s but projected into the future. It is a retro-futuristic adventure and tribute to Kraftwerk, Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark, Jean Michelle Jarre, Yellow Magic Orchestra and their perfect and timeless melodies.

D E D I C A T I O N || Magoo ♥
Dedicated to Magoo, my little Devon Rex, died on August...

Composed and produced by Walter Fini

L E G A L S:
All Music written by Walter Fini. Produced + Engineered by Walter Fini
All Rights Reserved. Unauthorised Copying, Reproduction, Hiring, Lending, Public Performance & Broadcasting Prohibited.

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