My production covering all nuance of Electronic music, from experimental to classical .

Walter Fini it’s the main project but I use some monikers to produce darkest and strange music even with my collective “Metamorphosis “

Collaboration, Voice and remix are welcome !

I’m a composer and a producer, a man with Machines.

My music it’s a fusion of genre, totally electronic and virtual, visionary and timeless. No rules.

I use Logic Pro X Daw, and many of the best plugin.

Collaboration are Welcome.

Walter Fini,
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The music is well as expression of art sometimes latents, lacerating odds and visceral.

My music brings indelible marks of questions that have no answers, in persistent pain who have no peace at all costs having to accept a steep path where the mind does not find the light to be, to exist.

Music as a tool for personal redemption, and expression of the micro and macro universe, the individual and collective thought or just as creative moments, of course ludico.

Only electronic music, performed with Daw and iMac, iPad, and some recording fields, from everyday life.

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