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Gosth's Discussion

from "The GERM Project" by VARIOUS ARTISTS

It all started with the single germ of an idea, a short synth riff by Craig Manga (Mangabros) played at 95bpm, augmented further with 3 various rhythmic tracks. The notion was to incorporate one (or all) of these stems into a new composition - to see where it would take each artist. Sonic exploration and experimentation being the order of the day. It seemed perfect for the Black Box Recordings roster plus a few other favourite artists. As an extra, the original sample stems have been included to create your own composition. A simple credit to Craig M is all that is needed (no financial claim). Enjoy listening. And creating.



ambient Apis II bandcamp Behind This Window BEHIND THIS WINDOW (2020) berlin school chaos chillout cinematic classical Collaborations come un prodigio dance electronic dark electro DISCO EDM electronic emotional experimental Forward Nature HOUSE MUSIC In assenza di luna itunes Looking For Clearings IV playlist remix rock alternativo single soundcloud soundscapes soundtrack spotify svalbard the fused ensemble toward the morning light trance vintage when machines dream

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