Like Fitzcarraldos Dream 300x300

Like Fitzcarraldo’s Dream - Marco Lucchi & Walter Fini (432 hertz)

Based on the original track “Tides”by Marco Lucchi, 2018 rewording for Musiche Virtuali.
Inspired to the movie Fitzcarraldo” by Werner Herzog
Cover imagine from the original movie.

A little sad, chill out ethereal ambient track with a tiny beautiful voice,

and beat. #Vintage #soft #electroscape #downtempo #chillout

Walter Fini & JSD Luxe


Voice performed by JSD Luxe.
Others tracks by JSD Luxe


The Path Of Morgana - Marco Lucchi e Walter Fini

A Path in good company, with Marco Lucchi. Thanks for this opportunity ;)


Based on the "empty version" of The Path by Marco Lucchi. For more information see the Facebook group for The Path


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